Monday, July 11, 2011

The Cover Conundrum

After talking about the cover of Fragile Bones with a friend, he confirmed that the cover I had designed a few months ago just didn't convey the feel of the story.  So when he suggested I put a drawing I had intended for the interior on the cover, I bulked a little.  I felt like my artwork wasn't up to the level I thought it should be for a cover.  I mean, the cover is a huge deal!  It's the first thing someone sees when they look at your novel.  It has to be unique, intriguing and suggest what the pages hold.  I knew that the first cover design didn't really do all those things, but I was at a place where that was my only option.  Only after listening and finally giving in to the idea that maybe... just maybe that sketch would work on the cover, did I go for it.

Since I already had the basic design that I wanted in place, it was only a matter of switching the pictures out and 'drawing' a back cover fill pattern with the same medium I used on the sketch. (that was my husband's idea)  Once it was all together, I knew that my friend was right.  This new cover is The One.

I'm very pleased to present the official cover for Fragile Bones:

Release date is coming soon; be on the look out and don't miss the chance to be one of the first to read this dark, gay fiction title!


  1. I love it. The fact it's hand drawn is just one more thing you have control over as an indie pub! I love the character, and after reading the back cover copy I think you're right - this cover is The One. (@AMHelsinkiBooks)

  2. Thanks for stopping by! And thanks for the input! I appreciate that. :)

    About our position in indie pub... I completely agree. When I was a kid, I dreamed of one day having a book published. That dream was shattered when I was old enough to realize the truth - becoming a movie star would be an easier goal to achieve! That didn't stop me from writing though. :)

    We're so lucky to live during this time... the cover is just one aspect of control indie authors can enjoy (or fret over! hehe). There is such a freedom in that. Now, I don't believe I would take a trad pub deal even if they begged on all fours. XP

  3. I like the book cover idea. It is unique and eye-catching. Good luck!