Thursday, January 26, 2012


 I caught a prompt today! I think I've been missing them in my feed.

"Prompt-and-Share A really short one today, just to get those juices flowing.

100 words MAX
Your story has to start with: I'd expected he'd come after me.

No other criteria required - Write!"

To be upfront about this.... I haven't written anything in probably close to two months now and I only put about three minutes worth of effort into this little flash. I have to say, I've really missed the prompt and shares. 


I'd expected he'd come after me, but he'd already been. The whispering shadows shifted, lingering where the sun couldn't reach. His scent, I remembered so well. So fondly. It tickled the edges of my awareness. Yes, he'd already come and gone. Long before my dreaming mind fled to reality; the hateful place, but for him.

There, he'd waited, impatiently. Waited, then walked away while I slept. His breath a memory of the wind, now. His sad eyes peering too deeply. His beating heart under warm skin. I'd never know, ever again.

I expected to be first, but he'd gone on ahead.

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